What's for free?

Lito is a free service for small teams, casual users and teams wanting to evaluate Lito.

For bigger ventures or if you need more than one team you need a monthly/yearly subscription.

With the free plan, you can create 1 team for up to 3 users for free.

The Free plan like any paid plan includes screen sharing and unlimited channels.

You can talk for 3000 minutes per month on that team. The timer resets every 1st of the month.


  • How many people can talk to each other on the free plan?
    • With the free plan you can have 3 users (including you and guests) online in the same team at the same time.
  • What does β€œ3000 minutes / month” mean?
    • You get 3000 minutes to talk with your co-workers each month. This counter resets every 1st of the month. The 3000 minutes are summarized of every minute of all users online in the team.

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