Troubleshooting: Push-To-Talk in Lito Desktop for MacOS

In order to use Push-To-Talk in Lito Desktop for MacOS, you need to grant access to the accessibility features. 

1. "Accessibility Access" Popup when starting Lito Desktop

Click on "Open System Preferences" when asked for Accessibility Access during the first start of Lito Desktop. If there is no popup open System Preferences > Security & Privacy manually.

2. Unlock settings to make changes in Security & Privacy

Click the lock in the bottom left corner to unlock the settings. You will most likely need to enter your system password to do that.

3. Check Lito in the application list

Search for Lito inside the application list and select its checkbox. This will allow Lito Desktop to use the Accessibility features. Now you can close the Security & Privacy settings.

4. Restart Lito Desktop

Eventually, Lito Desktop needs to be restarted. 

Now you will be able to use Push-To-Talk which even works when the app is not in the foreground.

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